Thursday, April 12, 2007

SKILL DEVELOPMENT FOR ECONOMIC GROWTH is under construction. It will update soon.

Just sample content for

It will discuss about Formal and Non-formal Education in system management.

Knowledge and skills in a democratic society are synonymous with power and influence and everyone should, therefore, have access to learning that is necessary for achieving social, moral, human and national development. Education in all forms attempts to provide a set of planned experience to assist learning. Education enables people not only to exercise their vote, but also to participate in and contribute meaningfully to teh socio-political, cultural, scientific and technological advancement of the country.

Economic growth and human resource development are linked closely on the assumption that increased capital formation will normally lead to higher outlay on enrichment of human resources. An important in the quality of human factor is an much essential as invesment in phsical capital. In fact, development of human resource results in greater efficiency, increased output, higher specialisation and enhanced mobility of people to different sectors and levels. The development of human resource is not just limited to education and training for providing people with knowledge but also for providing skills for gainful employment of enhancing their earnings and higher productivity. What is more significant is enabling people to acquire modern values and attitudes towards productive processes for the purpose of adopting innovation practices and directing towards adequately fulfilling all their needs-actualisation. The productive potential of people is curbed when there is lack of necessary knowledge and skills as well as desirable attitudes.

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